Rolle Out.

Dorrin Rolle, who has held District 2’s County Commissioner seat for 12 years, is running for reelection again this year. Rolle, who has been faced with a plethora of ethics controversies both before and during his reign as Comissioner, has strong competition come this election: his challenger to the seat, Jean Monestime, is running on a populist platform to give a voice to District 2’s residents for the first time in nearly two decades. After years of being plagued by scandal, ethics violations, and a complete disregard for his constituents, it’s time for a Rolle Out.

What has Rolle offered District 2 residents in the past? What have been his accomplishments and undertakings, both in and out of office? Let’s take a brief look at his résumé:

Miami-Dade County Commissioner for District 2, 1998-2010: Did special favors for business partners & lobbyists. In 1998, Rolle launched a consulting firm with two business partners, Mark Coats, a lobbyist, and Roosevelt Bradley, former Miami-Dade Transit director, both of whom currently seek County Commission approval for projects. Rolle presided over two county commission meetings concerning these projects and went as far as approving a deal and voting on legislation directly involving Coats’ and Bradley’s business dealings (Source). Unsurprisingly, his re-election campaign, with nearly $300,000 at its disposal has largely been funded by lobbyists and people who do business with the county (Source). So, if you have money that you’re willing to give Rolle: he will do you a favor! Ensured that his salary -- not yours -- is paid. JESCA, a Liberty City social services agency headed by Rolle until just last year, is currently facing bankruptcy, a hefty amount of unpaid bills and money owed to its former employees -- all incurred during Rolle’s watch. Nevertheless, Dorrin Rolle ensured that his salary of $200,000 was being paid during a time in which JESCA had no money to pay its employees, was found to be diverting employee retirement contributions, and failed to perform its duties as a community agency. Rolle was fined by the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust for lobbying for JESCA as commissioner for to secure an amount of... $200,000 (Source) Displaced Liberty City residents and fell asleep at the wheel Released in 2006, The Miami Herald’s House of Lies series reported that the Scott-Carver housing projects were destroyed with the assurance that a construction of new homes would be built in its replacement almost immediately thereafter. Nevertheless, under Rolle’s watch, housing developers reneged on their promise to build the new homes, leaving former Scott-Carver residents displaced, homeless, and with no hope. Rolle turned his back on Liberty City residents, and was complicit in the destruction of their community (Source).

Ethics Violations. Cronyism. Catering to Lobbyists’ Demands. Pilfering Money from Community Agencies. Corruption. Kick-Backs.

The residents of Opa-Locka, Liberty City, and North Miami’s needs have been disregarded for 12 yearsin favor of special interests and Rolle’s personal benefit. Let’s make sure that ends in 2010. District 2 deserves it.

Rolle out!

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