Aug, 03 2010

Moise in the Mail

Did you get this in the mail? Some people said they are angry about it. But I am angry about politics as usual. No wonder so many people are apathetic and not interested in voting. The "leaders" we have to choose from present themselves as glamorous, but when you pull back the curtain is the same old boys club.

Rudy Moise is a millionaire who's lent his campaign $1million! And the people who have given him money are the health care indusrty and developers - the exact industries that have been fighting a progressive agenda.

Rudy lives in a $2.3 million mansion in Davie, according to a recent Miami New Times Article (it is legal to live outside of the District in Federal races) while the district he wants to represent struggles with poverty every day. His now defunct company got a $500,000 loan from tax-payers through the Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust. The Trust was set up to finance affordable housing, provide job training, and improve social services. Moise's project, Radio Carnivale,did none of these things. Moise even told the Miami Herald, "I wouldn't have guaranteed the loan."

The loan was never paid back!

Rudy says, "I was the single biggest loser in this deal." What about the tax payers, Rudy? What about your constituents who needed housing and jobs? I think they were the biggest loser in the deal.

If you are angry about this mail piece - you should be. Call Rudy Moise and tell him to give back the money he owes taxpayers , 305-751-2104.

Let's stand up to those who think they can buy our democracy.

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Aug, 09 2010

All out

Wow! I am so excited and so charged up. I just saw a poll that saidMarleine Bastien has a real chance at being elected in Congressional District 17. Marleine is a woman who actually lives and works in this community; a woman who has come through and who has stood by the people in the district on all kinds of issues.She not only knows what those of us in the social justice movement have been fighting for, he has been on the front line fighting with us.And now Marleine could win this.

This race could be determined by just a few votes. Those of you who have been organizing in this community for years know that she has been there for you. Now it is time for you to be there for her. Florida New Majority has been throwing down by sending mailings to tens of thousands of voters, and walking the sweltering streets to talk to voters in the district. We have been a part of increasing Marleine’s favorability, and really putting her in the race. Now we need your help to finish the job.

I don’t just want you to vote for Marleine, I want you to encourage others to vote for Marleine. She is a fresh face who will do things in a new way. It’s time for, us, the new generation of voters to turn out in a big way to vote for jobs, affordable housing and health care.

Now is the time to walk the talk.

Come to the Florida New Majority phone bank, every day this week, 5pm – 8pm, at 6127 NW 7th Ave.

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August 11, 2010 - Miami, FL –  With less than two weeks until the Democratic Primary Election, Marleine Bastien has surged to one of the top spots in the race to become the next member of Congress representing the 17th district.  Marleine’s remarkable rise from a crowded field puts her ahead of the nearest competition by one percentage point, a statistical tossup.  In this nine person race, the election has come down to three candidates. If the election were held today, 22% of likely voters would elect Marleine Bastien to Congress and 21% would vote for long time politician Frederica Wilson. Twenty-four percent of voters are still undecided. If Marleine is elected she will be the first Haitian immigrant in Congress.

“Marleine Bastien has made substantial progress in the last month and has pulled into a dead heat with Frederica Wilson, followed by Rudy Moise (10%) and then Shirley Gibson (9%),” said Stephan Clermont, President of Third Eye Strategies (, the firm from Washington DC used to conduct the poll. “The more voters learn more about Marleine, the more they like her. Her message resonates with almost every constituency.”

“We knew going into this race that when our community learned about Marleine they would want her representing our District. It’s clear that Marleine is the true progressive in the race that our members are looking for,” commented Badili Jones of Florida New Majority, the organization that commissioned the poll. “She’s got roots in our community, she’s a fighter for our issues, and she’ll be the fresh face we need in Washington.”

Florida New Majority (FNM), a 501c4 organization with over 8,000  members endorsed Marleine Bastien because of her deep commitment to the issues community members care about – education, healthcare, jobs, and the economy.

Jones continued, “We knew this would be an uphill battle – but at the end of the day, our members are looking for someone they trust and can believe in. I think we found that in Marleine and we’ll do everything we can to get her elected next on August 24.”

The poll was made up of 400 registered Democrats in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Respondents were interviewed between August 4– 9, 2010. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.


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