That was my feeling after walking the streets of Broward with Sharena and Flavia, two of Florida New Majority’s canvassers who are mobilizing voters for tomorrow’s election.

Almost every day during the last month, Sharena and Flavia, as well as 10 other canvassers, laced up their walking shoes and knocked on doors of African-Americans, Haitians and Latinos. Saying what? Vote! But not jut for the sake of voting, or for a specific candidate. This time, they are asking voters to vote for workers rights and immigrant rights.

FNM is advocating for unemployment compensation reform in order to protect those workers who lost their job in this difficult times. Also, we are trying to stop anti-immigrant laws like Arizona’s SB1070 from coming to our state. But we know that to make real changes we need to organize voters to not only vote but take action after election day.

Sharena and Flavia’s best line when they are at the doors encouraging people to vote. “The majority of the folks that I talk to are either unemployed, immigrant or come from an immigrant family”, says Flavia. “So, when they try to close the door, I have a good argument to get their attention for a minute. At the end, many even get into good conversations with me and they like that we talk about voting for their rights”.

It’s like an invitation to vote for themselves, for their families, their neighbors, for you and for me, for all of us. “The response has been very good, probably because we are new in this area, or because people are more receptive than we thought” says Sharena. “Sometimes even the neighbors tell us: ‘why don’t you come to my door?!’”

So far, the effort is paying off. The team has talked face-to-face with close to 1,000 potential voters and 78% have said yes, they will vote or participate!!! That doesn’t sound like the Broward many think it is… a county where people only go to sleep, or where many voted for Obama but don’t want to vote again. Not at all.

That day with Sharena and Flavia, I saw many Broward residents saying they already voted or they were going to. We even stopped at the house of a nurse who actually got in the car after we left to go vote early. And the most amazing thing is that our canvassers get to see this every day. Out of 10 doors they knock, at least 1 encourages them to continue under the sun, avoiding unfriendly dogs, walking the streets of Broward.

Enthusiasm gap in Broward? We are making sure that’s not the case. See you at the polls!

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